The biggest part of keeping your products alive is keep away bacteria.

Clean water = No Bacteria.

My best advice is to refresh your water. obviously bigger/fantastic/heavy arrangements will be harder to manage the cleanliness. We suggest putting your arrangement in your sink and either running the faucet in the vase till the water flushes clean, or for bigger beauties use a watering can and add water till you think the dirty water has flushed out. 

Other Things to consider:

  • Keep flowers out of direct sun
  • Ethylene gas ( caused from ripe fruit, old flowers)shortens flowers lifespan
  • Keep water level above stems
  • If the environment is hot (your home, your office) it can shorten flowers lifespan .. a teeny tiny bit of bleach in the water can keep bacteria away- keeping water clean


To keep dried stems preserved in color try to keep out of the sun. Then again, it is wonderful to watch the flowers fade and change color. Up to you entirely. Dried flowers do not need water but can be used in an arrangement if wanted. Dried stems can be stashed away and taken out for another time to, just wrap them in tissue or wax paper. 



Plants need care, attention, and love.

  • Care- your plant needs rich soil that is not wet or muddy just "moist" (sorry no other word to describe). Depending upon the environment, your plant may need watering once a week, every couple weeks, once a month and you will have to figure that out by looking at the soil. Start with every week, and if the soil looks good, no water is needed. You and your special plant will find your rhythm. Also, it needs nourishment/vitamins like us. I reccomend fertilizing your plant by watering with your choice of fertilizer once a month ( I love superthrive its a liquid concentrate). 
  • it is so important to dust your plants once a month so they can breath and thrive!!!
  • Attention- you will need to acclimate your plant to its new environment. Plants need sunlight/artificial light to grow and produce the proper elements (chlorophyll etc.) it needs to be alive. Acclimating means giving your plant time to adjust, watching the leaves for wilting or discolor, and  preferably not repotting until you have given your plant time. You won't know if there is to much or not enough light until you test a spot. The store you purchased your plant from will tell you how much sunlight is needed, but normally it is indirect sunlight, which is a bright location that is not directly in the sun.
  • Love- don't be afraid to gaze, touch, talk to, and name your plant. Its good for you and for it to.
  • If for any reason you change your mind please feel free to bring your plant back and don't throw away, we will happily take any plant back for something you will love more.



Easy to manage, tricky to re-bloom. Orchids require minimally the same responsibilities as potted plants, but even more care if you want them to bloom more flowers. The plant will grow new stems with new flowers each year if properly cared for and the environment makes them happy. 

  • care- Orchid plants require very little water. The best advice I've heard and recommend for watering is putting an ice cube in the pot so the plant slowly gets its watering. Orchids grow naturally on trees or rock crevices (unnaturally in greenhouses) and their roots absorb water from the air constantly. Therefore, orchids need constant steady moisture and minimal watering moisture.  Some orchids do grow in soil, either way, the watering system is the same. Minimal indirect sunlight everyday is perfect as well. 
  • Attention- If you take care of your orchid and put it in a easy living environment, your plant will keep its blooms for months and will re-bloom. You will need Orchid fertilizer once blooms have all dropped. It is specifically mixed for orchids and will help your plant re-bloom again the next year. Orchids do take time and patience to wait for new blooms, the achievement and love is the reward. I recommend doing specific research on the orchid you've chosen and the store you purchased it from should be able to give you those details.
  • Love- there is so much intricacy and detail in most orchids its hard not to admire them every second. Absolutely name your Orchid something fantastic, I can't wait to hear about it. 
  • Again if for any reason you are not happy with your plant we are happy to have it returned for something you will love more.